Examples Of Bar Actions That May Constitute Negligence

There are situations in which bar owners may be held responsible for injuries caused by their drunk and negligent patrons. However, it is not always easy to prove that a bar is negligent in its actions. Here are examples of situations that you may use to prove that a bar is responsible for its patron's actions: No Proof of Age A teenage looking girl walks into a bar, asks for a bottle of beer, and the bartender asks for her age. Read More 

Motorcycle Riding 101: How To Be Seen Better On The Road

If you are relatively new to riding motorcycles, there is a lot to learn. One of the more important things you should know how to do is be as visible as possible to other people on the road. This will help to reduce the risk of being in an accident. Here are some tips for being seen while you are on the road. Focus on Bright Colors One of the best ways to be seen better on the road when you are riding a motorcycle is by focusing on bright colors. Read More 

Tips For Fortifying Evidence For Veteran Injury Cases

For many military-related injuries, getting through the Veterans Affairs (VA) disability claim system can be a pain. There's a heavy burden of proof requiring evidence that may not have been well documented because of the hectic nature of mobile missions, combat operations or short-staffed administrative teams. If you're appealing a denial or being asked for extra evidence and aren't sure of where to look next, consider these tips to get additional help your your claim. Read More 

A Car Hit Me While Walking, What Are My Rights?

In a typical car accident, a car collides with another car, and fault can be assigned based on traffic laws that were broken that caused the accident. If you are involved in a car accident where another driver hits you as a pedestrian, it is treated differently. Ask yourself these three questions to determine if you can be compensated for your injuries. Were You At Fault? It's easy to assume that the driver is always at fault when a vehicle hits a pedestrian. Read More 

The Role Of The Demand Letter In Accident Cases

If you were hurt in an accident due to no fault of your own, drafting a demand letter is often the very first thing your personal injury lawyer will do. The demand letter has a very unique - and vitally important - role in a personal injury cases such as car accidents. A demand letter is a written request for compensation that is sent directly to the responsible party's insurance company. Read More